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nicolas delian

born on january 2nd 1994 in vienna, austria

studied architecture at fh campus vienna with focus on green building

worked as buyer for furniture at interio as well as an interior designer for klune raum,the black square vienna and family bene

"always searching for what beauty and design is about"

gained experience in managing and creating social media for architecture offices and elevating their value.


With a large variety of expertise I am able to offer a spectrum of interesting experiences for my clients.

Combining knowledge within design, construction management till final touches like selecting and creating the right artpiece.

Its my pleasure to follow a clients journey from day one till the last steps into their new home.

Beginning with the design process, detail planing, managing their construction till the completition.

Working for private and public clients.


I started my designing process when I was at a young age. I found pleasure in creating new shapes, new textures and feelings.

I soon gathered more than 400 single items. from chairs, tables, bathrooms, lamps, hardware to dresses for women.

I fell in love with designing special products for clients and their projects. To elevate the experience with a exclusive designed product.

below is a teaser selection of my desings. the complete collection can be sent on request.


escaping the fast paced world of interior design I started creating art by myself. not only to fit into my projects but mainly to slow myself down. creating a save haven.

selling only to lovers of art, creating when inspired not when i have to.

every piece is unique and will not be reprinted. to respect and increase the love for my pieces.


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nicolas delian
zohmanngasse 40, 1100 Vienna



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